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Phonics videos

We teach your children to read and write by teaching them all the different letters and sounds that make up our English language.  Why don't you take a look at some of our videos....Enjoy!

Hearing initial sounds ~ Silly soup 

Silly Soup is a song we sing to help the children hear and say the first letter sound in words.  You can try this at home with a real saucepan, spoon and different objects or pictures.  After singing the song we would ask the children to choose an object, say what it is and the first sound.  For example "tiger begins with a t". You can make it easier so that all objects begin with a letter of the day.  

learning to sound out (segment means to chop up the sounds and blend means to put the sounds back together again)

Letter recognition with Mrs Goy 

Letter recognition ~ independently 

Shoot the keywords or letter sounds....

Sounding out words with our friends